Info for Coaches and Team Manager

 A big welcome to our new Coaches & Team Managers!

Training Time

Training is held during the week between 3:15pm and 8:45pm at the Mt Eliza Primary School Hall and Mt Eliza North Primary School Hall.

Each session runs for 45-60 minutes depending on the year level 



If this is your first time coaching, then here are some tips from one of our Coachs, Matty, to help you -

Prepare and be organised . Kids will have fun! if you are not decisive and keep them interested.

Have 15-20 drills that you can call upon quickly to change tact and keep them moving and motivated. Kids love games and being competitive. Make them fun and with an outcome, whether it is last person standing wins or they have to do a lap of the court if they are "out". For your own benefit have team "rules" that you want followed. These are individual and necessary, maybe 3-4 only for young kids.

I use a whistle at training to get attention from the kids, and our No. 1 team rule is when the whistle goes, they come to me , sit down and be quiet while I'm talking and no bouncing of balls!

Always start training with a brief discussion of the previous game, what they did right, and areas that need to be worked upon in the session ahead.

Personally I always start with "lay ups". With young kids in basketball they need to practice this as it's a crucial part of the game and it helps warm them up.

Keep it brief and practice from both sides of the court. Kids need to learn left and right ball handling from an early age and lay ups are the perfect way to get this achieved.

From here move into areas that need work from previous game. It may be shooting was poor, or travelling was an issue.. invent games or "Google" drills that kids can do to improve their skills. 5-7 minutes per drill is adequate and you will find after a few sessions they will get very good at it and you can vary or change it to suit. Finish the session with a quick 3 on 3 or whatever suits, half court game as reward for good training. This helps reinforce skills learned or practiced in the session.

Planned and effective training sessions are the key to your kids getting playing good basketball and enjoying the sport.


In addition to Matt's little tips,

Please find below links to Basketball Coaching Made Easy booklets that were developed by Basketball Asutralia. These booklets have been formulated to proven assistance to aspiring level 1 coaches. These booklets cover general coaching pronciples and applies them specifically to basketball, with emphasis in having sound knowledge of the skills and principles of basketball as as better organisation of training sessions, appropriate methods of teaching and correcting techniques and methos of analysing performance.

There are currently 4 booklets in the Basketball Coaching Made Easy series:

  • Introduction, Role of the Coach, Inclusive Coaching and Sports Science
  • Training Drills
  • Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills
  • Team Offensive and Defensive Skills


FDBA VJBL 'No-Zone' Clinic Video

FDBA recently hosted the VJBL No-Zone clinic with former AIS & NBL coach Ian Stacker. This clinic covers the principles of man on man defence and may be of benefit to coaches within the FDBA domestic competition.


A snapshot of the concepts covered:

·         On ball vs off ball 

·         On ball situations

·         Off ball situations / help defence

·         Split line / help defence 

·         Defensive triangle

·         5 out concepts

·         Benefits of man to man vs zone defence 



Click on image below to view the clinic (redirects to FDBA YouTube channel)

VJBL 'No-Zone' Clinic


Basketball Victoria - click on the link below to see Peter Lonergan 1 vs 1 Skill Development video


Team manager info

Please find attached at the bottom a Team Manager Info file to help Team Manager get started.

Also attached below are the ruling on Fill-in Players and Fair and Equal Playing Time, these are some handy documents to read through to be prepare for the season.