Code of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

Young people involved in sport have a right to participate in a safe and supportive environment. Australians are sport mad. We love our sport; however, this can at times create unpleasant situations. Over-zealous parents, boisterous spectators, opinionated players and quick-tempered coaches may need to be reminded of appropriate behaviour when involved with junior sport. A Code of Conduct provides the basis for fair play for young people and encourages fun, friends and safe environments. The Meteors hope this conduct will be endorsed and adopted by our Players, Coaches, Parents and Spectators.

Basketball is intended to be a recreational activity for enjoyment and health. These codes of conduct have been developed by Basketball Victoria to give participants a guide to what is expected of them. It is intended to assist everyone to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball. As a result, the quality of participation will be improved so people are more likely to start and continue their experience in basketball.  Enjoy!

Players Code of Conduct

  • Understand and play by the rules.
  • Respect referees and other officials.
  • Control your temper.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and for your team.
  • Be a good sport.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Play for the “enjoyment of it” and not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Be prepared to lose sometimes.
  • Listen to the advice of your coach and try to apply it at practice and in games.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


Coaches Code of Conduct

  • Remember that basketball is for enjoyment.
  • Be reasonable in your demands
  • Teach understanding and respect for the rules.
  • Give all players a reasonable amount of court time.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents including their coaches.
  • Instil in your players respect for officials and an acceptance of their judgment.
  • Guide your players in their interaction with the media, parents and spectators.
  • Group players according to age, height, skills and physical maturity, whenever possible.
  • Ensure that equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of the players.
  • Be prepared to lose sometimes.
  • Act responsibly when players are ill or injured.
  • As well as imparting knowledge and skills, promote desirable personal and social behaviours.
  • Keep your knowledge current.
  • Ensure that any physical contact with a player is appropriate.
  • Avoid personal relationships with players.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


Parents Codes of Conduct

  • Encourage your children to participate for their own interest and enjoyment, not yours.
  • Encourage children to always play by the rules.
  • Teach children that an honest effort is always as important as a victory.
  • Focus on developing skills and playing the game. Reduce the emphasis on winning.
  • A child learns best by example. Applaud good play by all teams.
  • Do not criticize your or others’ children in front of others.
  • Accept decisions of all referees as being fair and called to the best of their ability.
  • Set a good example by your own conduct, behaviour and appearance.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Show appreciation for volunteer coaches, officials and administrators.
  • Keep children in your care under control.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


Spectators’ Code of Conduct

  • Remember that most people play sport for enjoyment.
  • Accept decisions of all referees as being fair and called to the best of their ability.
  • Always be positive in your support for players.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form.
  • Respect your team’s opponents, officials and spectators.
  • Encourage players to obey the rules and to accept decisions of officials.
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language or harassing players, coaches or officials.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person.
  • Keep children in your care under control.
  • Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.


For a full description of Basketball Victoria’s Code of Conduct, please click on the link below:


Meteors Committee Member Code of Conduct

  • Be diligent in their role
  • Attend Committee Meetings or forward their apology prior to the meeting
  • Treat all people associated with the club, including members, volunteers, partners, external stakeholders, and other Committee Members with respect
  • Always consider the welfare of the club’s members
  • Make decisions based on what is best for the club, not for individual interest or gain
  • Not take advantage of your position on the Committee in any way
  • Be open to feedback from members and respond appropriately
  • Be honest at all times
  • Act as a positive role model with respect to good sporting behaviour
  • Adhere to policies and procedures established by the club
  • Adhere to legislative requirements of the club
  • Always look for opportunities for improved performance of the club operations and committee functions
  • Always represent the club in a professional manner


Frankston District Basketball Association (FDBA) By-Laws

The FDBA By-Laws govern all competitions managed by the Frankston & District Basketball Association. This includes Junior Saturday & After School competitions, Senior Men, Women & Mixed competitions, and the All Abilities competitions.


Meteors Privacy Policy

The Meteors ensures that all Club Committee members who are responsible for handling personal and/or health information do so in a manner that protects every individual right to privacy.

Club officials in collecting information will comply with all aspects of the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000 and the Health Records Act 2001.

It is the Committee’s responsibility to ensure that relevant club officials are familiar with their obligations under the Acts and that the handling of both personal and health information is done so in accordance with the law.


Meteors Grievances and Complaints Policy

The Meteors Ensures that Grievances / complaints / concerns raised by members (including members of the Committee), volunteers, players, parents, coaches or other community members are dealt with in a prompt and equitable manner.

It is recognised that people associated with the club will from time to time have grievances or complaints that need to be resolved in the interest of maintaining good relationships.

The Meteors Committee believes that:

  • People have the right to have their grievances receive careful consideration through established processes that are timely and based on fairness and respect
  • The best resolution is one that is reached cooperatively and informally where possible prior to a formal complaint being lodged in writing
  • A person making a complaint or airing a grievance will not be disadvantaged in anyway as a direct result
  • Where a formal complaint is received by the Committee, it will be considered in a timely and confidential manner and documented together with the steps towards a resolutions

If you have a Complaint / Concern / Grievance, please contact the Meteors Complaint Officer


Additional Information
Please find attached below a copy of "Code of Conduct" by Victoria Basketball